An innovative and comprehensive approach

Achieve your full potential to reach your goals with an innovative and comprehensive approach to training that is recognized and validated: 

An ultra-personalized approach taking into account every detail of the preparation with a unique accompaniment

Sports science is at the center of the training system in order to provide the best to the athletes.





Let's introduce

Karoly SPY, your certified coach, passionate and experienced.

Supporting endurance athletes in their preparation since 2007.


Le coaching KS Endurance Training en 5 étapes

The different steps of the KS Endurance Training coaching.
Your body is unique, your training should be too: 

Step 1

Definition of your metabolic potential and your specific pace

Step 2

Creation of a customized program according to your metabolic potential, your training availability and your goal(s)

Step 3

Use of marginal gains to increase your progress (nutritional strategy)

Step 4

Analyze key sessions, monitor your form (cardiac response, training load, progression) and your adaptive state (HRV) to adapt/adjust your training program

Step 5

Identification of the best approach to training to allow you to reach your best level on the D-day


Combined training

1. Introduction Les disciplines de longue durée requièrent des ressources importantes au niveau physiologique, musculo-squelettique, psychologique ou encore nutritionnel (Jones & Carter, 2000). La performance

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